Discover the Perfect Pockets

Are you constantly losing or misplacing stuff?

frustrated men that lost all of their stuff

The Perfect Pocket Pants are man's answer to the pocketbook.

Finally, a way to stay comfy and keep all of your most important belongings close, in the perfect pocket.

With 7 pockets, and so many ways to use them, it leaves just one question.

What's in your pockets?

Features of the Original Perfect Pockets

The original perfect pockets are available in blue and khaki color in casual pants style or shorts. Both the casual pants and shorts feature 7 total pockets: 1 rear, two traditional front pockets and 4 custom, low-profile pockets perfectly sized for your most critical, everyday items.

Perfect pocket pants in khaki showing how all the pockets are used for cell phone, glasses, keys, wallet, passport and airpods

Low-Profile Double Pocket on Your Left Leg

👉🏼 DROP IN CELL PHONE POCKET Towards the rear of the pocket, you'll find a drop in pocket for your cell phone. It's deep enough that your phone won't stick out. And, it's wide enough to fit large phones like the iPhone 14 Pro or Google Pixel 6 Pro

👉🏼 DROP IN UTILITY POCKET Towards the front of the pocket, you'll find a narrower utility pocket that fits eyeglasses, cigars, flashlights, small tri-pods, action cameras and more! 

pocket on left leg showing slot for cell phone and slot for eyeglasses

Low-Profile Double Pocket on Your Right Leg

The right leg features two full sized, low-profile pockets. They're better than cargo pants, because you can hardly notice these pockets.

👉🏼 FULL DROP IN POCKET - The first, a drop-in pocket to carry whatever you'd like. The pocket has a no show Velcro tab to ensure it stays shut. 

👉🏼 PICK-POCKET PROOF HIDDEN POCKET - Hidden beneath the top pocket is a second full-sized hidden zipper pocket to hold all of your valuables. You can't notice the pocket, plus the zipper cannot be quickly opened with just one hand. They're pick pocket proof!

sketch of right double pocket with hidden zipper pick-pocket proof pocket

Additional Pockets

👉🏼 RIGHT REAR POCKET - Rear pocket on right side
👉🏼 TRADITIONAL FRONT POCKETS - Two deep front pockets, each with a smaller coin pocket on the interior

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